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In the world’s most beautiful setting, theatre is played directly in the streets, music is made in squares, and pubs spill over onto sidewalks…

Farmers wherever you look

Every Saturday, the Vltava riverbank, otherwise a peaceful, ideal place for a walk and for feeding the gulls, is packed and bursts forth with a geyser of joy. Vegetables with a clear pedigree, cheeses made to grandfather’s recipe, jams filled with sunshine, and honest sausages.

And all of a sudden, a group of jesters start playing a fairytale for children, a wandering accordion player starts on songs from Old Prague, or a parade of people in costumes starts fighting its way through the crowds of shoppers... Farmers markets also open up at Jiřího z Poděbrad Square as well as at the “Kulaťák“, that is, the Square of Victory. There is singing and music; but, above all, come here to enjoy the smells and tastes, to try the greasy delicacies of a port festival or the crisp asparagus during an asparagus festival. Food with a pedigree extends onwards – you can find it in restaurants and pubs that, here and there, unexpectedly pop up in the centre of a park or, just like that, on the sidewalk, during one of the many gastronomic festivals.

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A beauty adorned in light

Prague is a city in which culture and art leave behind their theatres, concert halls, and galleries, take pedestrians by the hand, and dance with them in the streets. Simply for the fun of it, and often entirely free of charge.

You can experience a different city for yourselves during neighbourhood festivals; when churches, residential buildings, gates, towers, bridges, and sculptures are adorned in refined light creations during the Signal festival; or when a battle breaks out among tourists on Charles Bridge, with Captain Fracasso fighting thieves; or when fragile Ophelia cries in a city orchard during a street theatre festival. Places that have thus far only been dedicated to heavy machines and production lines turn into galleries and theatres – young artists exhibit their works in abandoned factories and empty production halls, and during the Designblok festival, the city falls for design and style at train stations, in Gothic houses, as well as churches.... Please – take a pick!

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Towers dance the minuet as well as blues

Prague is a lover of many genres; her arms are always open to music. The pounding of kettledrums and soaring sounds of bows during Prague Spring, the triumph of the human voice in a forest of brass instruments during the Strings of Autumn, bulldozers of guitar riffs, as well as the pulsars of keyboard loops at the United Islands, a festival of club music from all over the world that resonates along Čertovka Canal, ripple the surface of the River Vltava, and bounce off of the medieval walls.

But also the fine weave of the syncopation of crying trumpets and singing that springs from the bottoms of the soul in the Jazz Dock music club… No matter what kind of music you love, Prague will offer it to you in a form that will dazzle and captivate you. On top of all that, you can see a Dixie band in Old Town Square, a hurdy-gurdy on Charles Bridge, and a dulcimer in the middle of a park – simply, beautiful spots of the Mother of Cities are filled with pulsating, live culture.

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