The Czech Republic

A Land of Captivating Stories

/prague Praha Prague
/central-bohemia Central Bohemia
/south-bohemia South Bohemia
/sumava Šumava
/the-pilsen-region-and-the-bohemian-forest The Pilsen Region and the Bohemian Forest
/west-bohemian-spas West Bohemian Spas
/the-elbe-bike-trail The Elbe Bike Trail
/the-ceska-lipa-area-and-the-jizerske-mountains The Česká Lípa Area and the Jizerské Mountains
/bohemian-paradise Bohemian Paradise
/the-krkonose-mountains-and-foothills The Krkonoše Mountains and Foothills
/the-hradec-kralove-region The Hradec Králové Region
/east-bohemia East Bohemia
/vysocina Vysočina
/south-moravia South Moravia
/east-moravia East Moravia
/central-moravia-and-the-jeseniky-mountains Central Moravia and the Jeseníky Mountains
/north-moravia-and-silesia North Moravia and Silesia
There is no need to walk to the other end of the world to find a captivating story. The Czech Republic has so many such stories to tell that they would make for a pretty thick book. We have chosen those that you can experience for yourself – with your partner, family, or even on your own. We are not just your ordinary tourist guide. We are a patient story-teller who will take you to secluded spots with pristine nature as well as to places that have been shaped by the human hand. Welcome to the Czech Republic, a land of captivating stories.